the political party for the homo sapiens

what does the homo sapiens need ? what is he longing for ? does he need millions of criminal conspiracies ? billions of highly selected idiots to be > destroying any and all worlds ? and if he does not want to stumble from one idiot to the next what does it need to chance this gruesome condition ? of course a public reality > where every crime can be addressed ! of course a human environment > where every solution can be discussed ! and what measure can provide this human environment ? of course a constitution > the religion for the state to abide by ! of course a common religion for all citizens for orientation ! so nobody can be free to destroy the future and bragging about it so what institution can provide this environment ? a political party > having the right program ! meaning ... being guided by their religion > that has as his highest ambition > >>> only to be using the universe in the way of creation ! meaning > to showing every solution for a sustainable existence showing every therapy for the health of all guarding every world from all dangers guarding all homo sapiens from any and all criminal conspiracies where every instance of this heavenly order is doing nothing but keeping society working in this heavenly way certainly not 50 millions criminal conspiracies mit 7 billion criminal apes bragging about their idiot doings every thing having only one quality > being destructive to the most ... so we will have to reach all humans on this planet with a political party for the homo sapiens to making them to see > what will work for their long term well being and can any one tell me > where this political party for the homo sapiens is to being found ? and since it is not to be found any where > we will have to created it .... now ! there is not much time left ... my three other colleges from the local cgc group having giving up on this population and only I am still hoping ... for some one native > to see the light and help spread it all over every land !

galactic foundation